Our Services

Our Services

We provide support services for children and young people so as to promote their independence and help them meet their outcomes. Our staff help young people learn and develop life skills as they prepare for independent living and transition to adulthood.

We work to improve the outcomes of the young people to ensure that they have a stable, positive future and they are equipped with skills that will help them overcome any obstacles they might face.

Our services include support with person-centred residential accommodation, education attendance, seeking employment, maintaining and making healthy life choices, financial advice, advocacy services, life skills training, local services access support and encouragement to move toward independent living. 

We complete an assessment of needs to determine the support required. In this process we will talk with the individual, their families and other people involved in their care. This helps us to develop a more holistic picture of their background/lived experience to enable us to support them in a nurturing environment.

After the assessment is completed, we will draw up a support plan which will outline how support will be provided i.e weekly keyworker sessions, facilitating attending appointments, etc. The support plan is regularly reviewed and updated. The support plan is updated to reflect any change in circumstances and needs.

We provide person centered support which means that the individual and their families are involved in making decisions every step of the way.

Our Services Promote:

  • Supported living accommodation
  • Accessing education, training and employment
  • Supporting Children and Young People who present with challenging behaviours
  • Support to access housing and benefits
  • Support with dealing with drug and alcohol abuse
  • Accessing mental health, sexual health, self harm services
  • Accessing local services
  • Help with budgeting and managing finances
  • Housing and managing a tenancy
  • Maintaining relationships

Our aim is to ensure that young people are equipped with skills that will help them in the later stages of their lives. We believe that this is vital to enable them to maintain respect, to be self reliant and make better informed decisions about their lives.

We work collaboratively with various agencies and other services to ensure that individuals receive the best appropriate therapeutic support they require to meet their desired outcomes.

If you are interested in our services or want to find out more information, get in touch with us today.